Friday, June 27, 2008


Hi everyone! Welcome to my new Blog. Like I said some people saw it who I did not want to see it, so I had to erase the whole damn thing. But it is good because I like this new name better. Plus, because those people invaded my privacy, I now have their balls in my purse. I have changed my settings so people can't search for the blog by keywords, but just to be on the safe side their are a few "words" I won't mention. For example, my cat will now be known as "The Orange Menace."


Zelmarific said...

Can I have a code name, too?

Jen said...

Yes! Many code names pop into mind, like "The Cute Menace" or "conga playing baby"... What would you like to be called? Maybe I will do a poll!!

Zelmarific said...

yadabababayadagoobabab---- pshthewweee!