Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Wicker Man

This is some freaky-deaky shit right here. Yet another film I always put off...It is one of those horror films that you are embarrassed to admit you haven't seen. It was, after all, called the "Citizen Kane" of horror films (it was the 70's.) I had no idea it was a musical, first of all, and also a nudie pic. If that doesn't sell you right away, it also features Christopher Lee in drag and a totally fucked up ending.
I still haven't seen the recent remake with Nic Cage, and don't plan to. I have heard that it is not a musical, and therefore has NO songs about penises. I don't want to see The Wicker Man without the penis song.


Cellar Door said...

I also put this one on my NETFLIX queue. I just love musicals. Can't help myself.

Jen said...

This is really freaky! I would not suggest letting Zelma be in the room while you watch it! Watching stuff like this when I was her age is what messed me up!

Beer and Burritos said...

I love this movie! They are all so HAPPY in the end! I hope the harvest went well!

Cellar Door said...

But how went the harvest? I wish they had an epilogue!

I'm going to show Zelma this movie on her third birthday.

Just kidding. Her fifth birthday.