Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Coming Soon..

This is great! The kids who did this deserve a movie deal. My only question is: Why would Brad Pitt and Hugh Jackman be in a movie with Vin Diesel?

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Cellar Door said...

Forgive me. I have commenting diarrhea.

I don't think Vin Diesel is ever comfortable with any other male co-stars. One of him movies featured, for a brief moment, our old schoolmate Leila Arciera as a party girl at his party.

Did you know that the baseball team of Thunder Bay, Ontario is called the "Thundercats"? We saw them play the Mallards once. It was awesome. Then we went on vacation to Thunder Bay, and I tried to find a cool hat or tee shirt or something with their logo- but couldn't find one cool enough. Nevertheless, about ever ten minutes we were in Thunderbay, Brian and I would whisper to each other, "Thunder cats... cats... cats..." which is really kind of spooky and silly all at once, if you're in Thunder Bay and you do it enough times.