Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Favorite films of the year- off the top of my head.......

I had a very well-written, well thought out list of my favorite films of the year, with in-depth explanations as to why.  I lost it.  In the general craziness that has been my life in December I lost the list.  I haven't even gotten around to taking down my Halloween decorations yet!!!  ( All of the above statements are lies.  I keep my Halloween decorations up year round and nothing I write is well-thought out.)  So here, off the the top of my head, are my favorite* flicks of the year .  Let's start with the Horror ones

I know, it would seem I didn't like this film because I sided with the anti-Paranormal Activity bandwagon.  It wasn't that I didn't like the film.  I liked it .  I just don't think it was the Second Coming.  I bought the hype and was hoping for more.  Having said my peace let me say that it is scary, especially the last few minutes.  What is important about this flick, and why it makes my list, is because for good or bad, it's success means we will be seeing a lot more horror films.  Go Paranormal Activity!!! 

One of my favorite books of all time.  This is a good scary movie for the little ones.....

Ok, this is not really a horror flick.  But it does have Zombies.  And Woody Harrelson.  And someone who pays attention to Zombie survival rules.  People think it is weird when I get drunk and lecture them on how to survive a Zombie outbreak.  They won't be laughing when they are all Zombies. 

Should have seen this in 2007.  Should have seen it in 2008.  Finally saw it in 2009.  Worth the wait and every bit as wonderful as they said.  I bought it on faith and was richly rewarded.  Plus, that little sucker is still haunting my dreams...........

The most fun I have had at the movies all year (with the exception of The Road.)  Scary, gory, and funny as hell, it marks the return of Sam Raimi to the genre where he belongs.  Plus, it has a talking goat.  Take that Anti-Christ.  Chaos reigns indeed.

District 9 is probably my favorite "horror" film of the year.  Technically it is a Sci-Fi film, but Rue Morgue and Fangoria saw fit to cover it, so I see fit to add it to my horror list.  A film like this is exciting because it is so unexpected and so damn good.  So nice I saw it twice, an honor District 9 shares with only one other film this year:  Inglorious Basterds

Speaking of Basterds, here are my favorite non-horror films of the year:
Inglorious Basterds
Star Trek
Watchmen (yes, I liked this one)
And my favorite film of the year:

This movie had me crying like a freakin baby.  I have seen very few films that capture what it is like to be a child as well as this one does. 

*There are SO MANY films I didn't get a chance to see this year that would probably be on this list.  And many films that I did see that should be on a "Best of " list, like Precious and Deadgirl, but this is my favorite list.  These are films from this year that I do or will own and watch again and again.  Like Resident Evil.  I love that flick!!  Do you know that they play it on the "Oxygen" channel all the time?!

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The Film Connoisseur said...

Very cool list, I agree with your choices! I just didnt think that Drag Me To Hell was all that. It was a dissapointment in my book. A fun film yeah, fast paced and entertaining, but nothing nearly as brilliant as Raimis earlier horror films. I was expecting something that would surpass everything he had done before. Specially now that he has money and power in HOllywood.

But I guess Raimi has no power, Hollywood does. And Hollywood said: "Make a not so scary horror film thats PG-13, keep it light and use some really shitty CGI! Okay? Now get to it!" (Insert sound of whip lash here)

Damn it, I still owe it to myself to see District 9!!