Friday, March 19, 2010

Slaughter Hotel 1971

If you are in the mood for soft core giallo-esque Eurotrash horror starring Klaus Kinski, and why wouldn't you be, may I suggest Slaughter Hotel, aka Asylum Erotica, aka The Beast Kills in Cold Blood.

I have no idea how this movie ended up in my hands, but I sure am glad it did. A Medieval castle in the middle of nowhere has been turned into an insane asylum for wealthy, beautiful women. All of the women either want to kill themselves, kill others, or have lots and lots of sex. A caped killer with long blond hair is stalking and killing the women. He especially likes killing them after they masturbate or have lesbian sex. His killing spree is made easier by the fact that there are a bunch of weapons lying around the place, including a cross-bow, a sword, and an Iron Maiden. Plus, the women are always masturbating or having lesbian sex.

Mr. Kinski, as one of the Doctors, is the obvious suspect. The cops are finally brought in to investigate and after one more surreal killing spree, the whole thing is wrapped up rather nicely. Kinski is really hardly in this film. In fact, in the scenes that he is in he hardly does anything except smoke and stare off into space. Honestly, I get the feeling that he didn't even know what kind of film he was in. But since I would pay money just to watch Kinski eating dinner, I loved this film and his performance. That, and the very, very strange mass slaughter at the end make Slaughter Hotel one to check out!

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