Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hatchet 2

 Adam Green, I really, really want to like your films.  You seem like a cool guy, you are very knowledgeable about the horror genre and you even like cats!  But I have not liked a single one of your films.  Hatchet was a let down, Frozen jumped the shark with the wolves, and Hatchet 2 took me two weeks to watch. 

So it pains me to write this review (not as much as it pained me to watch the movie, and not nearly as much as it will pain you, my dear reader, to read my review.)  Lets start with the positive: some of the kills were quite inventive.  My favorite was the doggie style beheading.  See the film and you will know what I am talking about.  The gore effects are good, and Tony Todd gives it his all (as usual) as Reverend Zombie, the Voodoo master/charlatan who has a strong, financial reason to clear the swamp of the dreaded Victor Crowley.

Now to the bad: the film was really boring.  Danielle Harris plays Marybeth, the only survivor from the first film.  She leads a ragtag group of hunters back in to the swamp to gather the remains of her family and kill Victor Crowley for good.  No one she brings with her is very interesting with the exception of Reverend Zombie.  Tom Holland, Director of Fright Night and Child's Play has a role as Marybeth's Uncle, whom Zombie requested join the group.  His character is not interesting, it just interesting that Green got Holland to do the film. 

Green gives Crowley some more back story, and Kane Hodder returns as both Victor and his Father.  It is made clear in this film that Crowley is actually a ghost: a very pissed off ghost that can kill people.  Why Marybeth or Zombie thinks they can shut him down for good is beyond me.  In any case, this is the Green explains why Crowley can't be killed and what distinguishes it from other slasher films.

Frozen was a big improvement over Hatchet (and much better than Hatchet 2) and I look forward to seeing Green's next film.  I just hope it isn't another Hatchet.  He was heading in the right direction with Frozen.  Keep heading in that direction Mr. Green.

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