Sunday, July 24, 2011

Black Death 2010 featuring Game of Thrones spoilers!

WARNING: Major Spoilers in this post!
I am having major Game of Thrones withdrawal.  That show is so damn good I was literally jumping around my living room during the season finale.  I am now reading the books to get my fix until Spring 2012. 

Part of my Game of Thrones addiction is my Sean Bean obsession, and I recently satisfied that craving by watching Black Death.  Black Death is a "historical horror" film that rips off The Witchfinder General and The Wicker Man.  Really, if you are going to rip off films, those are two pretty damn good films to rip off. Black Death was an enjoyable, gory yarn and after I was finished watching it I felt I had learned something.  I learned that Sean Bean is AWESOME in everything he is in and his death on Game of Thrones was his SECOND most horrible, gory, tragic onscreen death.

1348.  Medieval England.  The Black Plague has devastated Europe.  People believe it is an act of God to punish us for our sins.  Rumors start to spread of a Village that has not be infected.  A group of Soldiers led by Mr. Bean (did you know he recently got stabbed in a bar fight and instead of seeking medical attention ordered another drink?  True story!) are sent to investigate.  They bring a young Priest along with them.  This Priest has a sweet little piece on the side, so obviously he is not the "holy" man they were expecting.  When they are arrive in the Village they are at first greeted with open arms.

They are attended to by a beautiful woman named Langiva, played by Carice Van Houten.  No one is sick, and Langiva soon convinces the young priest that she can "cure" the sickness.  In fact, she can raise the dead.  Obviously, Sean Bean is not having any of this and soon the torturing starts.

Like Wicker Man and Witchfinder General, Black Death makes the viewer repeatedly question what side they are on.  The morally ambiguous actions of many of the characters are once understandable and unforgivable.  This is a story with no happy ending.  If you feel the need to get your 14th century on, I recommend Black Death. 

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