Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys was a VERY important film for me.  When it was released I was 13 years old.  I saw it for the first time not at a movie theatre, but at a slumber party.  It became an obsession of mine for a few years.  I mean, it knocked Kirk Cameron right off my charts.  Why did I love it so?  Because it was cool.  Or, what my 13 year old self thought was cool.  I fell hard for Jason Patric and Kiefer Sutherland.  I wanted to be Jami Gertz.  I thought Corey Haim was the SHIT.  Deep down, I want to think that something in me was attracted to the horror element.  But really, I was just a girl with a crush.  Of course,  I did want to be turned into a Vampire, but what 13 year old doesn't?  OK, what pre-Goth 13 year old doesn't?  This was years before Twilight people!

I watched it again after a recent visit to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, where The Lost Boys was filmed.  I was surprised by two things.  One: how much I still liked the film, and Two: how Gay it is!  Corey Haim is totally gay in this film!  He has a Rob Lowe poster in his room.   He wears a shirt that says "Born to Shop." He is like 14 with highlights in his hair.  He thinks Jami Gertz is gross!  I could write a whole essay on his outfit choices!  My God!  I totally did not get this when I was 13.

Now some people will argue that there is a gay subtext to Kiefer Sutherland and Jason Patric's relationship as well.  I don't agree.  Kiefer just wants to hang out with someone who doesn't look like a Motley Crue reject.

Besides, Kiefer has a sort of girlfriend in STAR, played horribly by Jami Gertz.

I have nothing against Jami Gertz but she is very badly miscast in this film.  Every time she speaks I want to cringe.  Seriously.  And everyone wanted to sleep with her!  Kiefer, Jason, Grandpa.

What I find most interesting about The Lost Boys legacy is the Julia Roberts connection.  Remember when Julia left Kiefer....

for Jason and they flew off to Ireland together!  Isn't that awesome?!

Hotter than Jami Gertz.

Later Jason and Kiefer made up and starred in That Championship Season together, which was written by Jason's dad, Jason Miller, who was in The Exorcist.  Isn't it a small world?

What I still love about The Lost Boys is the humor, the style, and the finale.  During the last 15 minutes The Lost Boys essentially becomes a siege film.  Siege films are my favorite kind of films.  That's why I love Zombie films so much.  I like people trapped in a house fighting for their lives.  I also love sweaty saxophone players.   

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Mummbles said...

I like your take on the movie, it still holds up as a good movie. perhaps the director being homosexual had something to do with the gay subtext found throughout the movie.