Monday, March 19, 2012

The Walking Dead Season 2

Holy Shit!  That was an amazing season of The Walking Dead.  As I said each episode just got better and better and I am hard pressed to think of a more intense/stressful/horrific show that ever appeared on television (with Zombies.)  I now present my top Twelve moments of Season 2!

12:  The Merle Fever Dream

I love Daryl Dixon, but Merle scares the shit out me!  What an amazing performance by Michael Rooker: only appeared in two episodes last season but he is a fan favorite.  I have a feeling we will see him again..

11: Rick grows a pair.

"This is not a democracy."  A-Bout Time!  Rick does everything for everyone, and he is constantly getting shit on.  We are beginning to see the start of crazy Rick.

10:  Lady Macbeth

Lori made a play and the wrong man came back.  This is the end of Rick and Lori, and I don't know how much longer she can survive with no one fighting for her.

9:  Andrea goes bad ass and then gets some from Shane

Gawd she was bugging me at the start of the season (I did like her RV Zombie kill however.)  Now Andrea has found her purpose: being a bad ass. 

8:  Showdown at the Bar

This is actually one of my favorite Rick moments of the season.  This showdown was old fashioned and very intense.  I did not think Rick would do it but we have seen him turn a corner. 

7:  Well Zombie

Had me screaming at the TV: Holy Shit!!!  Amazing makeup effects!  Greg Nicotero and his team are geniuses!

6: First Horde: The Highway

I love a Zombie horde and season 2 gave us two big ones.  I liked the Highway Horde in the first episode.  Zombies are still really scary in the daylight.

5:  The Prison

Season 3 is going to be awesome!

4:  Shane's last stand

Not surprising at all but so well done and well acted.  I was crying and I hate Shane!!  My only question is: how the hell did Carl become such a good shot?

3:  Goodbye Dale

Totally surprising and unexpected.  Can a good, moral man survive in this world? 

2:  Sophia

Again, totally unexpected.  A perfect mid-season finale.  Showed what kind of man Rick was.  I was bawling!!!

1:  Michonne

Again: Season three is going to be awesome.


Daph said...

Oh gosh, Awesome article and I agree agree agree. Andrea might be a badass but wait till you get a shockfull of Michonne!! I read alllll the graphic novels and whoa, she is my hero. Have you checked out the walking dead comic figures? I have the walker that comes apart and Michonne and I position them different everyday, much to the joy of my kids lol

Hoffy said...

I was just wonderful. I can not wait for Season 3.

Hoffy said...

I was just wonderful. I can not wait for Season 3.