Saturday, October 13, 2012


I finally made it to the theatre to see an actual film!  Yeah me!  That film was Frankenweenie by Tim Burton.  The last few Burton films have been a bit "off".  Frankenweenie is Burton's return to form! 

Frankenweenie is nostalgic and sweet, without being "overly" sweet!  It's funny but doesn't go for cheap laughs.  Burton's love of the horror genre is on full display here, making it a "must-see" for any monster kid.

The story is simple.  Boy loves dog.  Boy loses dog.  Boy brings dog back from the dead!  Young Victor Frankenstein is a lonely but brilliant kid, whose best friend in the whole world is his dog Sparky.  When Sparky dies after being hit by a car, Victor is inconsolable.

Inspired by his science teacher Mr. Rzykruski (voiced by the amazing Martin Landau), Victor goes all Mary Shelley on Sparky and it works!  Sparky returns better than ever.  The only problem is keeping this secret quiet, which is especially hard when you have creepy kids like Edgar "E" Gore hanging around!

When Edgar learns Victor's secret, he tells all of their schoolmates. Soon, everyone is bringing once beloved pets back from the dead, with disastrous consequences..

No one wants to be chased by a mummy hamster!!  Frankenweenie is a perfect October film.  It made me feel all warm and cuddly!  I don't know anything about children but I think you could take little kids to see this and they would like it.  I am not a good judge of such things.  At 5 I was watching Last House on the Left so my perspective on what is appropriate for kids MIGHT be a little off....

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Cellar Door said...

Sounds fun! Maybe I'll take my five year old when it gets to the cheap theater.