Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Carrie: The Musical

I didn't go see the remake of Carrie.  I am living part time as a hermit and don't get out much.  Paying $15 bucks to see the remake of a film which is already perfect seems like a waste of my hermit time.  Instead the hubby and I went to see Carrie: The Musical at the historic Victoria Theatre.  I don't know that the Victoria is actually historic, but it was the setting for Peaches Christ's excellent film All about Evil.  So it's historic in my book. 

My hubby surprised me with tickets as a pre-Halloween treat (yes, I am just getting around to writing it up.  I have been practicing being a hermit in both life and blog.)  Carrie: The Musical has the honor of being known as one of the biggest Broadway bombs of all time.  It closed after 5 performances.  By all accounts the performances were good, but not good enough.  They all laughed at it.  THEY LAUGHED AT IT!!!

But if found an afterlife in regional theatre and high school productions.  The original songwriters came back and re-worked a few things, and now we have the Carrie: The Musical that I saw last month.  I really should have written this last month.  It is closed now.  A memory.  But I am sure your local high school is going to put in on for their Spring Showcase so keep an eye open.

This cast was very good.  An actual teenager played Carrie.  She is like 16 and goes to high school in Lafayette.  I kept thinking how does she go to school during the day and then play Carrie at night?  Is she really bullied at school for being a theatre nerd or do people think she is cool?  How does she get all that blood out of her hair?  Does she get to go to the cast party or does she need to go home because there is a big test tomorrow?  Why do I write so much better when I am drinking? 

The songs on the whole were pretty lame.  None that I will be "humming" tomorrow (my father's litmus test of a good song.  He complains you can't hum today's music.  He also says no one good plays in Vegas anymore even though he hasn't been to Vegas in 40 years.  Love my Da!). 

Lets be honest: the only reason to see this is musical is for the final act!!  I was so excited when they got to the prom and it did not disappoint!  Bravo to the production designers or whatever they call those people in the theatre.  Well done.  Lots of blood.  Bitches got what they deserved.  All is right with the world.  Fun was had by all.


Cellar Door said...

Something to take Little Z to?

Jen said...

Probably not...