Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Places I would like to live..

Haunted House
Haunted Castle
Haunted Duplex
Carfax Abbey
Frankenstein's Castle
Frankenstein's Laboratory
Converted underground Crypt
The Overlook Hotel
Anywhere on the Rue Morgue
Hell House
Hill House
Anywhere in Dunwich
Dorm at Miskatonic U
Castle Rock, Maine
Derry, Maine
Dracula's Castle
That place from Phantasm
Monroeville Mall
I hear that housing prices are very good in Arkham. It's a college town, you know.

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Cellar Door said...

I lived in a haunted dorm room, and also a haunted house in Sweden. It was not boss. I was scared. I will attempt to create a new emoticom which totally expresses my former fear, in a totally boss way:

\ /
/ \