Thursday, October 9, 2008

Zombie Fortress Destroyed..

Sad news.. The old abandoned building in East Palo Alto that I had deemed my Zombie Apocalypse fortress has been torn down. This place was perfect! A two-story building, completley boarded up (both levels) with iron bars over every window and door. All of the prep work was done! My apartment is a total death zone. Bottom floor, 6 big windows, and in Palo Alto. The people of Palo Alto will be turned into Zombies right away. Zombies can easily break into a Prius and don't give a shit about "home security systems." I am in big trouble.

In other news, I am going to the land of no computers this weekend, my parents house. Maybe now I can catch up on some reading. Between the plague and TV I have not read a thing. I also hope to go see the movie "Quarantine," the first Horror film I will have seen in the theatres for a long, long time..

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