Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sleepaway Camp 1983

Dude-I can't write about Sleepaway Camp.  Remember that scene in Contact where Jodie Foster, upon seeing the Alien world or whatever the hell it was, says "They should have sent a Poet."?  That's how I feel about the prospect of reviewing Sleepaway Camp.  I don't have the words...

Instead check out this groovy review of the film which really sums up the awesomeness:

Speaking of 80's fashions: get a load of the short shorts.  This is either the gayest horror film in the world or the most homophobic: I can't figure it out. You could write a thesis on this.  The director, Robert Hiltzik, only made this one flick, plus a direct to video sequel.  I will be renting and obsessively watching every sequel, just like I spent the last 3 hours on the Internet reading Sleepaway fan sites.  If you haven't seen it you really must put it on your list.  Try not to read to much about it and spoil the surprise at the end.  Of course I knew the "twist".  The film would have pretty much blown my mind if I hadn't.

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Cellar Door said...

Added to my list.

I used to sing a choir with this guy who always wore shorts like that. He sang like an angel, but I could just never get over those shorts. I wonder if he wore them under the choir robe at the concerts?

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