Wednesday, October 13, 2010

City of the Living Dead

 The jury is still out for me on Lucio Fulci.  City of the Living Dead, aka The Gates of Hell, is only the second Fulci film I have seen, the first being Zombi 2.  I am not a gore hound, and Fulci's films are very, very gory (I have opted not to post a pic of the vomiting entrails scene from this film, but here is a picture of what you look like BEFORE you upchuck your guts.)

Actress Daniela Doria apparently really spewed sheep's guts out of her mouth for this scene.  I hope she was paid.

Another problem I have with Fulci is that his films don't always make much sense.  The ending of this film in particular had me crying blood.   The whole premise of this film, that a priest who commits suicide in a cemetery can open the Gates of Hell and raise the dead who can hypnotize you into throwing up your stomach is pretty silly.  But really, what horror film isn't just a bit silly?  I think this is part of Fulci's charm and why I will see The Beyond and The House by the Cemetery.  So what that I have to cover my eyes throughout most of the film lest I see yet another person get their face ripped off?  So what that the plot makes you feel like you are having a fever dream?  His films look great, have great music, pretty people (getting their faces ripped off) and are more funny than scary.  Sign me up-- but not all at once.  My mind is disturbed enough already.

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