Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Saw 3D

The seventh (and hopefully final) Saw film hit theatres right before Halloween.

Seven years. Seven years of Saw movies.  Who would have thought that this inexpensive, at the time original, horror film made by two Australian guys would go on to become a major horror franchise?  Like many, I really wish it hadn't.  I go every year to see the new one not because I really want to, but I feel like I have to.  The producers and writers were very clever to have turned the franchise into a horror "soap opera."  There are betrayals galore, people you thought were dead returning to settle scores, tragic romances, convoluted story lines that make zero sense, and a cliffhanger at the end of every episode.  Jigsaw is a bit like Erica Kane.  The whole mess revolves around him. 

In this weeks episode of As the Saw Turns, Hoffman is out for revenge.  His target is Jill, Jigsaw's wife. Jill attempted to kill Hoffman by attaching the Shawnee Smith jaw clap from the first film to his head.  Because she is not engineering genius like Jigsaw, Hoffman, and Amanda, she doesn't do it right, and Hoffman gets away.  Jill is taken into police custody for protection.  Meanwhile, with all of his free time, Hoffman is setting up more traps.  His main target is Bobby, a supposed "trap" survivor that has written a self help book about his experience.  Bobby even runs group therapy for other survivors of Jigsaw, including...Dr. Gordon from the first film!  Yeah, Cary Elwes is back! 

While the cops are hunting for Hoffman, Bobby is running around a trap filled warehouse, trying to save his pretty young wife from destruction.  Along the way he must decided the fate of his "handlers," people who helped him with his deception. 

Will Bobby get there in time?  Will Jill survive?  Will Hoffman get what is coming to him?  And why did Cary Elwes return for the seventh film?  And where is Shawnee Smith?  These answers and more coming right now:

No. No. Yes. Money. Not enough money and her character is dead. 

I really hope this is the last one.  I have a feeling we need to prepare for the next seven years of Paranormal Activity sequels.  I can only handle one horror soap opera at a time.

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