Saturday, April 2, 2011

Nerd Time: Wondercon 2011

Had a great time at WonderCon in San Francisco yesterday.  The main reason I wanted to go to Wondercon, besides to see grown men in Storm Trooper outfits....

Was to get my Zombie Nerd on and see Max Brooks (The Zombie Survival Guide, World War Z) and Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead.) 

I got to meet Max Brooks, which was awesome.  To think, I am now one degree away from Mel.  Just amazing.  Here I am looking like a total dork.

Yes, I do have the biggest head in the universe.  Sounds like Max is pretty over people asking about the film.  He doesn't know when it is coming out.  It is totally out of his hands.  Maybe soon.  Brad Pitt is awesome.  He also said some very inspiring words for writers: Just write.  Quit being a pussy and write.  By far my favorite part of the day (besides the "I Love Guts" booth.)  Then, it was off to see Robert Kirkman..

Yes, he looked pained to be there.  But his talk was great and surprisingly packed considering that Ryan Reynolds was on at the same time promoting The Green whatever the hell he is in.  He talked a lot about The Walking Dead of course, both the comic and the show.  Good news is that he his heavily involved in the writing this year, going as far as to move to LA to be in the writer's room EVERY DAY!  Also, King and Joe Hill will most likely be writing episodes.  A lot of the questions involved the differences between the show and comic.  Kirkman loves the changes, and this year is encouraging even more.  He is also scared of ghosts.  And if the Zombie Apocalypse comes, Kirkman will kill himself, which seems like a pretty good strategy to me.  I always tell people that I am going to turn Zombie as soon as possible.  If you can't beat em, join em. 
All in all it was a great day to let out my inner, not so hidden nerd.  Plus, my husband bought me a kick ass Cthulhu necklace!

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