Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hostel 2 reconsidered

If I remember correctly the majority of horrorphiles really, really disliked Hostel 2.  I have to say I disagree.  I found it really quite charming. As a woman I found Beth's (Lauren German) journey of self discovery and personal realization insightful and honest.  Upon my recent second viewing I realized that Hostel 2 is not just about Beth's transition into womanhood, but it is also sisterhood, and the bonds of friendship.  Much like Stand by Me, Hostel 2 is about the experiences and people that shape our lives.  Like Wil Wheaton in Rob Reiner's nostalgic classic, Beth will never have better friends than the ones she had on this incredible adventure. 

Really, she won't.  Because they are all dead.

I kid.  Hostel 2 is nothing but misogynistic torture porn disguised as female empowerment.  The women are all stereotypes (the nerd, the slut, the deceiver) and the only one to get out alive is the one rich enough to buy her way out.  Yet, I kind of like this movie. I am not ashamed to admit it.  Eli Roth is a pretty damn good Director.  He keeps the tension high, the gore inventive, and he infuses it with just enough humor so you don't take it seriously.  I also loved how he set up Stuart (Roger Bart) as a somewhat sympathetic character who seems to be having second thoughts about torturing and killing pretty, rich Beth.  Then he turns complete asshole and gets what he deserves.

Dare I say I like Hostel 2 better than the original? I do.  Some say it was just a cheap cash in and basically the same film with chicks instead of dudes.  True.  But the chicks, even though they are stereotypes worthy of The Breakfast Club, are likable.  I was actually rooting for every single one of them.  The guys in the first film are douchbags.  Total, complete douchbags.  I even cheered when Paxton (douch name), played by Jay Hernandez, gets butchered in the opening minutes.  I am looking forward to
Roth's next film, be it Thanksgiving or some other ridiculous bullshit. 


Cellar Door said...

So, I was talking with my mother in law yesterday, and she commented to me how frightening she found the animated feature, "Up".

I was just thinking about how much "Up" has in common with "Hostel 2". You liked both of them, they're both frightening bloodbaths, they're both documentaries. I could go on and on.

Jen said...

Yes, there are very many similarities between "UP" and "Hostel 2" Don't get me started on "Toy Story 3" and "I spit on your grave."