Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rec 2

Hello!  Yes, I am sorry it has been so long since I posted.  Seriously, the only one really concerned seems to be my Dad, but I am regretful (is that a word?).  I have a long list of excuses.  What to hear em? Here we go!

  1. I have had the Black Plague.  I still am in the coughing up a lung phase.
  2. Work has been particularly horrendous.  I mean, they expect me to actually work hard ALL DAY and do reports and be innovative and all that shit.  It is like Dilbert without all the humor.
  3. I do not have a computer.  Seriously, mine is broken.  I am using my husband's and I can't figure it out (its a Mac) and I can't figure out posting from my phone.  And seriously, I am not going to f-ing post from my phone.  It would take me 5 hours to write a post.  I have man hands.
  4. Any free time is spent trying to get my house back in order.  It looks like "Grey Gardens" pre-Jackie intervention.  Seriously.
So those are my traumas.  Please forgive me (Dad) for not posting in a while.  Good news is that I have completely given up on my house and embraced the Beale lifestyle, which gives me more time to watch crappy horror, drink, and write about it.  So here are my thoughts on Rec 2.

It was OK.  I loved Rec, and I seriously enjoyed Quarantine.  What was most interesting to me was the subtle differences between the two.  Whereas the Spanish Rec hints at a supernatural or spiritual basis for the outbreak, Quarantine is straight up "Science is going to kill us all."  I have not seen the sequel for  Quarantine but it seems a little to Snakes on a Plane for my liking so I am going to skip it.  Rec 2 takes place literally minutes after the first one ends.  A SWAT team is sent into the apartment building with a mysterious Doctor to scope out the situation.  The situation is, of course, nutso.

Rec 2 plays almost like a haunted house attraction at a State Fair.  The scares are cheap and plentiful, but you feel kind of empty inside after it is all over.  The supernatural element is interesting, but almost seems like a cheap out.  I was reminded of the Paranormal Activity films.  What should be a good old haunted house film turns into the complicated demon saga.  Same with Rec.  The Demons have ruined what could have been a good Zombie film.  Hey, I am not anti-Demon.  I love those little fuckers.  Just don't pretend to be one thing and then throw in the Demon curve ball!  I am also talking to you Insidious!  We can't all be The Exorcist, all right?

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Dwido said...

I missed you too, Mistress ZAM. But, hey, no pressure, just write when the horror Muse sends congealed creative juices ejaculating from your mind like wet furballs from Yao's throat.