Tuesday, October 4, 2011

For your October Viewing Pleasure

Halloween is upon us and three of my favorite channels are celebrating the month by showing a ton of great horror!  It's a month to sit on your ass and be scared!

Over at AMC they are showing a wide variety of films, including The Shining, plus October 16th brings us the premiere of The Walking Dead.  I have never quite forgiven AMC for introducing commercials into the mix, but their great original programming by far makes up for it. 

IFC is playing some great films this month, including one of my favorites, The Changeling.  They are also playing more edgy fare such as Hostel and Teeth.  If you can make your way through the endless Malcolm in the Middle reruns (really) you can even catch The Dead Set on Halloween.

This awesome British production introduces Zombies to reality television.  Two great tastes that taste great together.  Seriously, this is a good series.  If you haven't seen it, DVR it! 
Finally, we come to my favorite channel, the Granddaddy of commercial free classic programming,

TCM! Not only are they playing "The Horrors of Stephen King" all month (it began last night!) they also are having this dude as a guest programmer...

Check out John Carpenter on October 5th.  He will be discussing and showing such classics as....

TCM is also having a Val Lewton marathon.  It was through these channels that I discovered my love of Classic Horror, and they are part of the reason that October is my favorite month!  Click the links above for full schedules!!


Mummbles said...

Thanks for all the cool info, I love how the blogging world steps it up for Halloween!

Kev D. said...

Oh man! I've been wanting to see Dead Set for a while. AWESOME!

Dwido said...

I'm still waiting for a Val Kilmer marathon!