Sunday, July 6, 2008

Big Night Out

So after a year of talking about it we finally went to Dave & Busters, which is like Chuck E Cheese but soaked in alcohol. Here is Pumpkin and BDog. I hope no Gangstas look at this blog.

Here is the Skee-Ball fanatic. We really went just for the Skee-ball. When I played that little girl in the stroller beat me..

And here is the Orange Menace with the Tweety Bird pillow I won for him. He was pretty pissed at us for leaving him alone all night, but the pillow calmed him down. All in all Dave & Busters was pretty weird but I can't wait to go again for the Skee-ball and the Pony Races. If we could just build Skee-ball in our backyard that would save alot of money...

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