Thursday, July 17, 2008

Not that bad..

Saw the "remake" of Day of the Dead yesterday and it was not as bad as everyone said. Not that is was good or anything.
In fact, the original Day of the Dead sucked balls as well. I love that Hollywood has so run out of ideas that they are making shitty re-makes of shitty movies.
The only good thing about the original Day of the Dead was the introduction of "Bud" the smart Zombie. "Bud" is in the remake as well, only this time "Bud" doesn't kill because he was a vegetarian in his human life. He also gets his head ripped off by other Zombies. I think the moral lesson here is that if you become a Zombie, don't be a pussy (not that vegetarians are pussies... just Zombie vegetarians.)
There are three things I liked about this re-make. #1: Zombies with Guns, which is pretty funny and scary, like rednecks with guns. #2: Airshaft smart Zombies. #3: Watching Nick Cannon's career go downhill. He is so bad in this movie. It really makes me wonder what the hell is going on with him and Mariah Carey. Did he realize "Hey, I suck as an actor. I better marry up."
The other thing I love about this movie, and all Zombie movies on DVD, is the making-of features. I love watching actors in full Zombie make-up waiting around for direction or goofing off or practicing lines. It is like a Zombie wonderland. I could watch Zombie movie making-of features all day.

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