Friday, July 25, 2008

Giving it up..

So as of August 8th we will be TV-Free (cable I mean, I am not giving up Netflix). I kind of feel the same way I did when I quit smoking. I know it is good for me but I feel like I am losing my best friend. Jonathan and I are compiling a list of "reasons" to give up TV. On that list is:
  1. Brooke Knows Best
  2. I Love Money
  3. Living Lohan
  4. I could go on but ANY reality show
  5. The new 90210
  6. American Gladiators (I once, for one day, loved you)

Quite a few people who read this blog (well, 2 out of 7) don't have cable. We are soliciting advice for things to do with all this spare time we will have. Please remember this is a PG-13 Blog.


displaydude said...

I have two words for what to do with the extra time, Kama Sutra! Plus it involves a book! BONUS!!!

Cellar Door said...

Play music. Your own music. Harmonica? etc. Very good for the soul.

Also, I find that doing just about anything is more fun. Like, um, staring at the wall where the t.v. used to be. Listening to the air. Looking at the cat. That sort of stuff.

Hoffy said...

In less then a week you will have the new twilight book "Breaking Dawn" to read so that should help pass some time. I am getting my copy at 12:01am.

Pumpkin said...

Maybe you can take up baking!! Cupcakes might be the way to go, then all your friends can benefit...I mean share in your loss!!!