Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Birthday Party!

It was Pumpkin's birthday this weekend, so there was lots of eating and partying. I even missed the Academy Awards, but don't worry, I taped it.
Tanya and I. I don't want anyone correcting my grammar!

Harold keeping everyone entertained at the party.

Harold and Carla! So sweet!

I am telling Jonathan something terribly important. I think I was telling him that my pants have split because I ate so much and that he has to escort me out so no one can tell.

The beautiful Elly and the beautiful Tanya. It was great that Elly could come down for the party.

I really liked this shot with the candle. I can't remember what the hell Tanya was telling that lady but everyone looks very enthusiastic about it. I was so tired from all of this I actually went to bed at 8pm last night. I finally feel human again! I am really getting very, very old.

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