Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Changeling 1980

Since this economy is taking a bite out of my ass, the only thing to do on my days off is immerse myself in the world of ghosts and monsters. Shit, I would do that anyway, but right now my old buddies are helping me out more than ever. Yesterday I watched "The Changeling."This is the film from 1980 (not the Angelina Jolie thing) starring George C. Scott as a grief stricken composer who rents a big old scary house in Seattle which happens to be haunted. Oh why can't I have that luck?
I remember seeing this as a very young girl and the only thing I remember about it is the child's wheelchair tumbling down the stairs. Left an impression, I have been scared of wheelchairs ever since..

Anyway, this ghost is pissed because as a sickly young child (he had Arthritis!) he was murdered by his Father and replaced by another boy (hence "the Changeling") in order for the family to inherit a fortune. The replacement boy, this poor old bastard above, will ultimately have to pay the price for something that wasn't even his fault. Shitty luck but a really great film. I would have to put it up there in the top ten ghost stories I have ever seen committed to film.
Now the question today is: do I take my last 10 bucks and go see "Friday the 13th" or do I lay around watching old horror movies all day? It's a rough life, yes it is.

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