Monday, January 11, 2010

The Hills Run Red

Having a sick day today and thought I would catch up on some films I have been wanting to see. I was intrigued by The Hills Run Red and I had been looking forward to seeing it for some time. The film starts with a good premise: a horror obsessive (whats that?) is on the trail of a legendary "lost" film called The Hills Run Red. All he has to go on is a grainy trailer, a couple of stills from the film, and the name and whereabouts of the Director's daughter, who starred in the film as a little girl and is now a strung-out stripper. As Tyler (the horror geek), his crew, and the daughter (played by Sophie Monk) visit locations from the film it becomes apparent they are being watched and followed.....

Turns out, the Director is still making his film, and the geek, daughter, and the rest of the Scooby gang are the new stars (couldn't see this coming...)

At this point the movie just becomes totally ridiculous. Sophie Monk, although she is quite pretty and I am sure has many fine qualities, cannot act. And in order to believe the whole premise you really have to believe her performance. She can't even sell a lap dance. The film features some nice gore scenes (death by tree and face removal being the best) and the always great William Sadler as the Director. But that is it. Oh, Sophie Monk is naked quite a few times, so if that is your thing by all means....see The Hills Run Red... As for myself, I am regretting the $4 I spent on this today! Damn you VOD!