Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My new Horror Calendar

I bought myself this KICK ASS calender for 2010 from a mega website that specializes in world domination. This calendar, as is advertised, features a different horror film every month!! Not only do you get a beautiful color reproduction of the film's poster, but you also get the film itself!!! 12 public domain movies!!! Here is a breakdown:
  • January: The Brain that Wouldn't Die
  • February: Night of the Living Dead
  • March: Teenage Zombies
  • April: Dementia 13
  • May: House on Haunted Hill
  • June: The Terror
  • July: The Devil Bat
  • August: Nosferatu
  • September: The Phantom of the Opera
  • October: Frankenstein's Daughter (really- that is the best they could do for the holiest of horror holys?)
  • November: Revolt of the Zombies
  • December: White Zombie

Of course, I already own most of these movies, but can you ever really have too many versions of Night of the Living Dead? So here is the kicker- there is no January in the calendar! They sent the January movie: The Brain that Wouldn't Die, but they skip the month all together on the calendar. I am pretty OK with this but it makes me wonder: do they know something we don't know? Spooky huh?

By the way, I must have seen The Brain that Wouldn't Die 100 times, but if I get really desperate or come down with the flu, I will watch it again and give my usual detailed analysis. Or, I can just tell you it is a groovy movie about a douche bag and a head in a pan and leave it at that. On to February!!!


Andre said...

Ugh it makes sense that October is always the lamest picture because it's my birthday! I always get the shit end of the calendar stick- no fair!

Cellar Door said...
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