Wednesday, March 11, 2009

And this is how I spend my free time

Watching crap! Sometimes I have to stop and ask myself: "What the hell are you doing wasting 2 hours of your life (which feels like 4) watching crap like Mother of Tears?" I can answer that. It is because I am filled with hope that for every 5 crappy movies I watch (Mother of Tears) I will get one good one (My Name is Bruce) and all will be right with the world. Where to begin with Mother of Tears? First, a little back story...
Mother of Tears is the third and final chapter of Dario Argento's "Three Mothers" trilogy that began with Suspiria back in 1977. The mother's are Black Witches, unleashed upon the world to cause chaos and suffering. The first film, Suspiria, is without a doubt a classic. The set design, the soundtack, the gore, the sense of dread, all combine to create a very creepy film.

The second film, Inferno, was only notable for the set design. The rest of the film sucked. And before I go any further let me state that I have TRIED to like the work of Dario Argento. I really have. With the exception of Suspiria and Opera I just don't see the attraction. Yes, his movies look groovy and the soundtrack's are always kick-ass, but they are so DULL! Mother of Tears is no exception. The plot DRAAAAAGS on and the acting is atrocious (and I actually love Asia Argento, but she should re-think working with her Father. And it is a little creepy that she has a nude scene in it.) It might be a treat for gore-hounds (if you like seeing women disemboweled and strangled with their own large intestines) but not for me. In better news, Netflix delivered Let the Right one In to my humble abode yesterday. This might be the 1 in 5!

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