Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Let den ratte komma in

I know I didn't "spell" that right, I don't have all the cool little shit on my keyboard, but essentially it is "Let The Right One In" in Swedish.
Based on the book of the same name which I must now read, because I hear that quite a bit was cut out of the film version. After I am done with "Robinson Crusoe," the longest book ever! I swear if he talks about God one more time I am going to throw him into the ocean.

SPOILER AHEAD. This film is absolutely amazing and I would rank it up there with my favorite films about childhood including: Spirit of the Beehive, To Kill a Mockingbird, Pan's Labyrinth, and The Devil's Backbone. All of these films are about the magic of childhood, coming of age, and loss of innocence. This film is a beautiful and tragic love story, where one of the children is not really a child at all, and one is going to grow up to be something very, very terrible.

Or maybe not. It is a film that demands a second viewing. It is very subtle, both in it's Horror/gore elements and in its moral standpoint. You are not quite sure how you feel about it when it is over. Like I said, I was up all night thinking about the film, and when I did sleep, I dreamed of the characters, and what will happen in their lives. The same thing happened to me with Spirit of the Beehive, the film this reminds me most of. See it! The acting, score, cinematography are all incredible. This, and My Name is Bruce have made this a very good Netflix month.
Maybe I should get out of the house once in a while?

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