Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Creepy KOFY Movie Time

The Bay Area finally has it's own Hosted Horror Show again! It's called "CREEPY KOFY MOVIE TIME" and it's hosted by this dude and some other guy.

It is on Saturdays at Midnight. Although I don't think much of the hosts (yet, I've only seen one episode) you bet I am going to be watching! You gotta support your local Horror Hosts, no matter what. The first film was "Night of the Living Dead" (a very good start) and some of the people they interviewed about the film were very interesting. The only part I laughed during was when a "Surfer" band was playing and the host, "Balrok," started dancing around. That was funny. By the way, the logo above is from November Fire, a really cool local t-shirt company that I got my HP Lovecraft tombstone baby doll T from.

They also sell DVD's of the best Horror Host EVER: Bob Wilkins. Check it out.

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Dwido said...

Yes, Bob! Hazy memories of this show from Sacto in the mid '60's--always having to fiddled with the antenna: great reception in Chico on foggy nights, crappy on clear
ones. He is the uber-horror-geek
host. He is missed by Dwido.