Monday, March 9, 2009


A group of us went out to watch "The Watchmen" last night. I know, I waited 2 days to see it, making me a very bad geek.

I read the graphic novel of course and although I love it, I don't hold it as some sacred text that many do. Probably because I don't have such a strong comic book tradition myself. But I certainly understand holding a piece of work so near and dear to your heart that you would look upon any adaptation with trepidation..

The film, for the most part, stays very true to the graphic novel. The parts you would expect to be cut out are cut out. Visually, the film is very beautiful. Although there are no "holy shit" moments to speak of, it is quite the visual treat.

And I am not talking about the repeated full-frontal nudity of Dr. Manhattan. The characterizations are well done, especially..

Jeffery Dean Morgan and the Comedian and Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach. In fact, Haley is so damn good as Rorschach I wouldn't doubt he gets nominated for some awards down the line.
All in all I was neither thrilled nor disappointed with "Watchmen." In my opinion, those two performances were the best thing about the film, along with some of the visuals. But I am not going to rush out to see it again. Hopefully Terminator or Star Trek will turn out to be my "geek out" film of the year.

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