Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Breakfast Suprise!

Great news! The first reviews pouring in for the Star Trek re-boot are awesome! (from geeks, not critics.)
Better news! Little did I know when I opened my Frosted Mini-Wheats this morning that there would be a Star Trek Beam-Up Badge in there! I just love Mini-Wheats! Now I love them more! I got the Starfleet Command Badge. They also have a Romulan Badge and Klingon Badge that I desperately want. So that means Mini-Wheats for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Or, I risk arrest by opening every package at the grocery store.....

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Dwido said...

May I one-up you? I have in my possession an original "May the Force Be With You" buttom from the offical press-release packet sent to movie critics for the opening of Star Trek The Motion Picture in 1979. A professor
friend of mine at Chico State was writing reviews at the time for the local paper. He gave me the buttom after I gave him the final line in his review--note, he hated the movie. That line: "May the farce be with you." I may use it on my gravestone!