Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Uninvited

Watched "The Uninvited" last night. What a lame name for a movie. Anyway, my cat got up and walked out in the middle of it and I should of as well. There is nothing "scary" about this film. It is more of a thriller along the lines of "The Sixth Sense." And if I gave too much away by saying that consider yourself lucky. The film wasn't all bad. Elizabeth Banks is in it, and she plays a TOTAL bitch. But her character, like this film, goes nowhere. Also, the house that all of the action takes place in is really cool, and I spent most of the film fantasizing about living in a place like that someday. I was so off in dreamland that I didn't guess the all to obvious twist ending, so I thought for a second "oh, that was cool," and then I woke up. My main problem with this film is that the Final Girl looks 40 even though she is only 16.
"The Uninvited" is a remake of "A Tale of Two Sisters," which I have yet to see ( I have got to stop seeing the shitty remakes before seeing the original. Bad Jen Jen.) Look at these two posters: Which looks like a better film to you?

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