Saturday, April 18, 2009

Top ten

No one asked me, but since my favorite bloggers are doing it, here are my Top Ten Favorite Movie Characters in No Particular Order Except the First One!
#1 Atticus Finch. Best Movie Father Ever. A shining example of decency, dignity, and compassion. I watch this movie about once a year and cry every time.

#2 Peter (Ken Foree) Dawn of the Dead. I love him because he is a bad-ass, he cooked a nice dinner for the couple and then got the hell out, and at the last minute decided that he would rather fight than die. I would have been heartbroken had he died.

#3 Quint (Robert Shaw) Jaws. I was heartbroken when he died. Plus, his speech about the Indianapolis still gives me chills.

#4 Larry Talbot (Lon Chaney Jr) The Wolf Man. Poor bastard. Essentially a good man, you really feel his pain as he becomes a monster.

#5 Henry Frankenstein ( Colin Clive) Frankenstein. I have a weird thing for Colin Clive. Nuff said.

#6 Elizabeth (Madeline Kahn) Young Frankenstein. She is the bitch that you know Elizabeth really is. I love Madeline Kahn.

#7 Nigel Tufnel (Christopher Guest) This is Spinal Tap. Not only does he go to Eleven, you actually feel sorry for the poor guy when his best friend dumps him for a girl.

#8 Captain Renault (Claude Rains) Casablanca. Every character in this film is fantastic, but there is something about his rouge with a heart of gold...

#9 Ana (Ana Torrent) Spirit of the Beehive. My favorite film about childhood, this actress was amazing, even at 5 years old.

#10 Sheriff Ed Tom Bell (Tommy Lee Jones) No Country for Old Men. If only for the dream he tells his wife about at the end.

I spent a whole hour thinking about this list. I am sure I will wake up a 3am tonight thinking "How could I forget....?" It beats waking up and thinking about Robinson Crusoe. I have about 150 pages left. I am going to try to power it out this week.


Cellar Door said...

I'm with you on the Sheriff, #10, for sure. I am still haunted by that man they met in the wild who was blind and wanted them to kill him. I wake up in the night thinking about that poor bastard.

Cellar Door said...

P.S. "Atticus" was on our baby name list for a boy. It was a very short list.