Monday, September 28, 2009

Halloween Tribute

October 1st is rapidly approaching and it appears that all the cool kids are doing some kind of tribute or offering for this haunted month. Although I don't have the time, resources, or skill to do something really cool (check out "The Kind of Face you Hate" from my Monkey Fighters list) I can do my own tiny part. I already pretty much exclusively watch horror (does Gossip Girl count?) and read horror, so there is nothing special I can do there.  Blood offerings are right out. My husband frowns upon conjuring up the dead...

So, for my October/Halloween tribute, I have decided to focus on one artist from film or literature that I really should know more about.  After much soul searching I came up with the following contenders:
Lon Chaney.
David Cronenberg
Clive Barker
Michael Bay (just kidding!)

The theme is body horror.  Cronenberg and Barker should be obvious.. much of their work concerns body horror.  And Chaney, well, what he did to his body in the name of horror is just astonishing.  And since Cronenberg just depresses me (in a good way!) and I don't know if I could stand a whole month of people being skinned alive... the winner is Lon Chaney!!! 

Here is what my month is going to look like:

Phantom of the Opera
Hunchback of Notre Dame
The Unknown
Ace of Hearts
The Penalty
Outside the Law
Oliver Twist
Nomads of the North
The Shock
The Wicked Darling
Man of a Thousand Faces (about Chaney)

I guess I better haul ass and watch She Beast and Slaughter High.

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