Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Check out this blog: Herzog edition

As you may know I am a bit obsessed with Werner Herzog.  My obsession was with Kinski, but I quickly transferred my affection over to this mad man.  Shaun Anderson has been hosting "Werner Herzog" month on his excellent blog The Celluloid Highway.  Check it out and get the deets on the shoe eating incident: http://sonofcelluloid.blogspot.com/2010/07/werner-herzog-eats-his-shoe-1980.html .

 Now enjoy Werner Herzog reading "Where's Waldo."  Thank you YouTube genius for knowing that the world needs Herzog reading bedtime stories!


Shaun Anderson said...

Thanks for the endorsement of my humble efforts this month! - it was a pleasant surprise and most appreciated. I'm glad you're enjoying it :-)

Jen said...

Thank you-I have really learned a lot about Herzog from your posts and I am about to embark on another Herzog film festival!