Monday, July 19, 2010

Troll 2

You have to love Troll 2, a film very rightly called "the worst movie ever made."  It is appallingly awful.  The acting is terrible, the script seems to have been written by someone who didn't have a firm grip on English (I think this is true), the "Trolls" are nothing but short people in latex masks wearing burlap sacks, and the musical score sounds like something I came up with on my Casio keyboard when I was 12.  The "Trolls" are not even Trolls, they are Goblins: Vegetarian Goblins that turn people into vegetables so that they can eat them.  If this seems awfully redundant welcome to this movie.  Unfortunately, I haven't seen a live screening of this film yet but I will.  It has turned into something of a cult phenomenon, and rightly so.  Next month I will full fill my dream of seeing Showgirls live (featuring a free Lap Dance with purchase of large popcorn) so Troll 2 can't be far behind. 

I rented this film in anticipation of seeing Best Worst Movie, a documentary made by the kid in the film, Michael Stephenson.  Review, hopefully, coming soon.  I can't bring myself to write anything more about Troll 2.  Just check out the Trailer below (then take a shower.)

Cute, isn't it? Remember, this was a serious horror film about Vegetarian Goblins!!

I am totally in love with the Dentist! In the film he kind of looks like a young Henry Rollins. Check it out!

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Zelmarific said...

Troll 2 is what I've always imagined Cosmotology school would be like.