Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I have Dengue Fever..

Now that Swine Flu is passe (there goes my Zombie apocalypse....this year) I have Dengue Fever!! Not really but I love the band, and I especially love the band when they play live soundtracks to kick ass films like "The Lost World" at the WORLD FAMOUS Castro theatre!!
I saw "The Lost World" but years ago! It is like going to a rock concert with a live band playing to the film! And you know what is really cool about this flick? Yes, there are moments you laugh, but really, it stands the test of time. In my mind this flick was more exciting than that piece of shit Jurassic Park sequel that aped the name.

And now, for a Louis Armstrong story. Louis was playing at a Cabaret in Switzerland. Well, it was between sets and Louis was leaning back, watching the scene, having a drink. This waiter passed by him and smiled. Louis smiled back and said "Solid." Well, the waiter passed by two more times, each time grinning ear to ear. Each time Louis would smile back and say "Solid." After the third pass the waiter went into the kitchen and brought out an enormous "salad" for Louis. This story is really cool when you hear Louis tell it!

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