Saturday, May 23, 2009

NIN. Or, if you like looking at the back of people's heads you will love this post.

All behold the magic and glory that is Trent Reznor.

So the Hubby and I went to see Nine Inch Nails last night and it was AWESOME, of course, as usual.

They played a very stripped down set, without the usual visual shenanigans, and it was still incredible. They sounded great, probably the best we have ever heard them.

This was our view, not so bad. The first time I saw them my view was obscured by the 10 people laying on top of me due to a tragic mosh pit accident. That was the first and last time I was in the pit for Nine Inch Nails. I can say during this show I was not stepped on, kicked, or groped once.

Look at this bald guy in front of us!! Look at the highlights on the Soccer mom. Seeing this band is very different now than it was 13 years ago.

Of course I am totally past it now myself, so who am I to talk? Tom Morello's new band, "Street Sweeper Social Club" opened, and they were great as well. We were very happy when NIN went on before Jane's Addiction. We didn't stay. How can you follow Trent Reznor? Sorry Jane's Addiction fans: nothing against them, but I am getting old and the chance to get home in time to watch "The Soup" was too enticing.

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Pumpkin said...

GREAT PICS!!! I'm so happy you were able to see Trent this time around. Hysterical call-outs on the change in the audience!!