Thursday, July 9, 2009

Halloween in July

This animated short was created by a guy named Michael Dougherty (obviously) way back in 1996 (where the hell was I then?) On the basis of this he was offered a movie deal, and directed the yet to be released Halloween anthology "Trick r Treat." This film has been sitting on the shelf for 2 years, but rumor has it that the release date is pending. Hope so. Trailer to come later. By the way, all of this info came to me via "HorrorHound" magazine. The first time I picked up this mag I didn't care for it too much (it was pretty much about collectibles and although I would love to have my home filled with horror shit, I can't afford it.) Now it is a nice mix of collectibles, horror news, film and DVD reviews, and other assorted nasty stuff. And its tag line is "A Fright-filled MaGOREzine for all Boils and Ghouls!" Really, how could I pass it up?

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