Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Old news

'No Values Voters' Looking To Support Most Evil Candidate
Yes, I know this is very old, but it is still funny. Since getting promoted (I was promoted at my job by the way) I feel like doing even less on my days off. So after waking up at 10, I watched the MJ memorial, ate a bowl of chips, and since then I have been watching Onion clips all day. And no, I don't smoke weed. This is my favorite.


Cellar Door said...

Okay, unrelated, congratulations on your promotion, and here's a haunted house for you to buy- only $22,000!


Dwido said...

No one asked, of course, but my two Onion favorites: 'the gay
race horse' and the 'defective
bullets'. Masterpieces both!