Friday, July 24, 2009

The Unborn

Cool poster, horrible movie.
"The Unborn" was just about as bad as I thought it would be. I didn't even write down the character names because frankly I didn't give a shit about them. So the story goes that this college age rich girl is being haunted by the ghost of her unborn twin. Or the ghost of her unborn twin haunted by a Jewish Demon called a "dybbuk." Her brown eyes start to turn blue and everywhere she looks she sees this creepy blue-eyed dead kid (her brother died in the womb so I don't know why the ghost is a 10 year old. Would a ghost fetus be too creepy?) Her friends and family also start dying. She hooks up with a Rabbi played by Gary Oldman (giving 100%, about 99% more than this film deserved,) and together they decide to preform a Jewish Exorcism. And that's it. Whole story.
The worst thing about this film is that there is zero character development. Bad things start to happen to this girl in the first 5 minutes, and we don't know a thing about her. Nor do we learn anything about her besides the fact that she is dating one of the guys from "Twilight." You watch all of this shit happening to her and you are like "so?" The only even remotely interesting aspect of this film is the actual Jewish Exorcism, which I knew nothing about. Turns out the writers really did their research, and these types of exorcisms are not as uncommon as you might think. There is also a bunch of science crap about twins and Nazi experiments (more Nazis!) which makes no sense. The "science" in this film is on par with "She-Demons." In fact, all in all, "She-Demons" is a better movie. Skip "The Unborn" and watch "She-Demons!" That is my professional opinion.

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