Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Starring in my Nightmare tonight....

The Thorny Devil
Aw, actually he is kinda cute. The Thorny Devil is an Australian Lizard that lives in the Outback. His average lifespan is 20 years. There are many cool things about the Thorny Devil (besides the awesome name.) He has a "false head" on the back of his neck (you can't see it in this picture, but Google image search it.... I don't have all night here) to confuse prey. His rigid "thorny" body allows the Devil to collect water from any part of the body and funnel it to his mouth. The coolest thing about the Devil is that if some other Beastie tries to attack him, the Devil will purposely blow a blood vessel in its eye, squirting a stream of blood at its attacker, freaking him out and pissing him off. I wish I could do that. And that is what I will be having a nightmare about tonight.
By the way, this National Geographic moment was brought to you by Dr. Mike. I was a little disappointed in the most recent episode because Dr. Mike didn't incubate some creature in his belly and then poop it out and show us. I thought that was going to be his signature move in every show. Oh well, next week is Borneo and I bet he poops something and shows it to us.
Horror programming will now continue............

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