Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Haunting in Connecticut

Wow, this movie did not suck as hard as I thought it would. I actually had to turn on another light while watching in because it gave me the spooks (thankfully Husband was gone otherwise I would have to explain to him why the living room was all lit up like a Christmas tree.) My only real complaint with the film is that the Director relied too much on obvious musical clues to tell us when we were supposed to be scared. It was almost laughable and unnecessary.

I am not going to recap the film. It is about a haunting in Connecticut. Duh. But here is a list of things I likes (left typo in because I like it) about the film, and if you like these things too, then check it out.
  1. Scary Ghosts
  2. Necromancy
  3. Post-mortem photography
  4. ectoplasm
  5. Good ghost/bad ghost switcheroo
  6. Mummies
  7. Corpses in walls
  8. Old-timey poems and songs
  9. Virginia Madsen
  10. Totally ridiculous ending
  11. "Based" on a true story
  12. Awesome DVD extras
  13. Kids stupid enough to play hide and seek, repeatedly, in a haunted house
  14. The Borderland (in the valley of the shadow of death)
  15. Mediums
  16. No Head Trauma
  17. Attacking Shower curtains


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Cellar Door said...

I ENJOY THE LIST. (kept accidental caps lock because I like it)