Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Horrific Nazi Experiments gone awry!"

When that is your tag line, how can you go wrong? Last night, without meaning to, I watched "She Demons." How do you accidentally watch "She Demons" you might ask? Well, I was so lazy last night that instead of popping in a DVD (which would require me to get up, and I just don't want to watch The Unborn or The Haunting in Connecticut that bad) I instead watched "Creepy Kofy Movie Time," my local Horror Movie Show (you must support your local horror host.) The public domain film that night was "She Demons" from 1958. "She Demons" is a film that is really so bad its good. Four shipwreck survivors (soon to be three, but I won't spoil it for you) find themselves on an uncharted Pacific island. Things go from bad to worse when their radio is smashed, they discover the US Air Force is using the island for target practice, there are Nazi's living there, and finally, one of them is killed by a She-Demon. This is like an episode of "Lost" written by a ten year old.

Irish McCalla stars as "Jerrie," a rich spoiled brat whose Father owns the boat that was destroyed in the (stock footage) hurricane. Tod Griffin plays "Fred," who was also on the boat and although I am not sure what the hell he does, he was somehow working for Jerrie's Father. The final part of this scooby gang is "Sammy," played by Victor Sen Yung, whose only purpose is to provide uncomfortable, semi-racist,unfunny un-comic relief. These three idiots manage to get themselves chased by She-Demons, captured and whipped by Nazis and almost blown to bits. All in the course of one day. Why are there She-Demons you might ask? The Nazis are doing terrible experiments of course! The head Nazi, known as "The Butcher" (I forget his name but it is probably Fritz) is trying to repair his burned wife's face by tranferring DNA to her from captured Jungle Girls. The process turns the Jungle Girls into She-Demons! There is also some nonsense about perpetual motion and renewable energy (who knew Nazis were environmentalists?)

This movie is about as "B" as they come and a whole lot of fun. There is even a good shock scare at the end. My favorite part is how "Jerries" hair looks perfect throughout the whole film, even when she is trying to outrun lava. Yes, there is lava too.

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Dwido said...

Cool. A jungle women conga trio!
World music in a horror film. I like it.