Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My New Favorite show

Now I know I have said this before (about "Hole in the Wall" and "Redneck Wedding" which I have never watched again,) but I have found a new favorite show. It is called "Bite me with Dr. Mike." This guy is Dr. Mike and he is Virologist and total wackjob. He is also quite charming and funny. I have never thought I would spend my Monday night learning about body lice and ass worms, but I did, and I have Dr. Mike to thank.

He is going to catch something indeed.


Dwido said...

My new/old favorite show--assuming you might ask--Dead Again on Hulu.com. And with Laura Harris--from evil/alien fame in Faculty--I pant. And with balls out full swearing, great one-liners, and
hard working grim reapers: all episodes real treats.

Jen said...

Cant beat this. Last night Dr. Mike pooped out a tape worm. He as also pooped out ass worms. I like a guy who is not afraid to televise all of this.