Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dead Snow

Dead Snow is about Nazi Zombies.  That pretty much says it all.  I am wholly unfamiliar with the Nazi Zombie Genre but I love the fact that it exists.  Nazis are fucking scary.  Zombies are scary.  Put them together and you have two great tastes that taste great together.

But if all Nazi Zombie films are as boring as Dead Snow then I will take a pass.  It is rare that I say this, but this film could have really benefited from some boobs.  It does have one bizarre outhouse sex scene, but beyond that it was boring.  Boobs would have helped.  Message to the Pornographer that loves to post things in Chinese in my comments: Number One, just because I use the words boobs and penis a lot does not make it cool for you to post links to porn in my comment fields.  Number Two: At least please write your comments in English.  I am thinking of compiling them for a book.  I love it when you at least make an attempt to write about my post before you put your link to Mail Order Brides or whatever the hell it is.  I am going to call the book "Nonsensical things this person says about my blog before putting in his link to porn." 

Back to Dead Snow.  I was shocked that my Husband was not interested in watching this with me but he did not find Nazi Zombies that appealing.  My cat left after the outhouse scene.  So I was left alone to count how many films Dead Snow plays "homage" too.  I counted at least 10 with the most obvious ones being Shaun of the Dead and Evil Dead II.  So imagine those films with Norwegians and Nazis and there you go.  Seven friends (all medical students I guess, I wasn't playing close attention) go to a remote cabin in the snow covered mountains of Norway.  They drink beer, play Twister, and have sex in an outhouse.  A creepy Norwegian Mountain Man invades their party to warn them that "evil" exists in the mountains.  They ignore him and continue to listen to Norwegian Metal.  Soon they find a treasure chest of stolen Nazi loot.  Scooby Doo style this raises the Nazi Zombies from their snowy grave.  Hell ensues. 

Dead Snow has some good gore gags and a really interesting avalanche scene which I found fascinating because avalanches, along with Nazis and Zombies, really scare me.  Come to think of it, Norwegian medical students kind of scare me too.  They have sex in outhouses!!  If all the guys had been wearing turtlenecks I might have called this the scariest film I have ever seen. 


Cellar Door said...

That's funny. I know I recommended you this. I loved it. But I also think I have a soft spot for movies in foreign languages that I sort of understand. I can see how it would be boring, too, in a way. I was also a bit intoxicated when I watched it. Also, I live in a very cold place, so I related to that aspect as well.

But I agree that more boobs would have helped it. My theory about why there aren't more boobs in Scandinavian films is that there are so many boobs in Scandinavian life that no one gives a crap. Scandinavians are such borderline nudists. Naked saunas all winter. Who cares about boobies after that?

Jen said...

Thank you- I think being drunk or stoned would have helped my enjoyment of this film quite a bit. Thanks for explaining the boob thing: This is a movie that your really expect to see some boobs in and I was like "Where are the boobs?" But if boobs are no big thing that makes sense.

By the way, how fun is it to say "boobs" over and over?

The Film Connoisseur said...

Nazi zombies movies have never really been that good, and to say this is the best is kind of sad, but thats the way it is. It all goes down from here if you decide to watch any more Nazi zombie movies. I did like the gore and the look of the zombies on Dead Snow.

Living Dead Girl Nicole said...

I loved this movie!