Monday, May 3, 2010

The Descent 2

I really loved The Descent so I was looking forward to the sequel, for no other reason than to see what happened to Sarah after escaping the cave.  Well, in the grand tradition of Aliens Sarah goes right back into the cave, accompanied by a new group of friends (mostly assholes) to face her fears, her past, and the monsters that dwell within. 

It is two days after Sarah, Juno, and the others first entered the unknown cave system. Sarah wakes up in a hospital bed with no memory of what took place.  Her friends are missing, and the local Sheriff wants to know why their blood is all over Sarah's clothes.  When a police dog finds a new entrance into the cave system, three rescue specialists lead Sarah, the Sheriff, and another cop down into the hole, so to speak.  It doesn't take long for them to start finding the bodies of Sarah's friends.  They also soon attract the attention of the Crawlers, who like nothing better than to rip into peoples necks.  Sarah regains her memory pretty quickly and has a major freak-out, causing the Sheriff to fire his gun.  In a cave.  As you can imagine, the cave collapses, trapping one of the rescue workers in a wall of rock and separating the rest of the crew from one another.  Things go from bad to worse when one of Sarah's "friends" turns up alive. 

Although the sequel tries to recreate the sense of claustrophobia and doom of the original, it just doesn't quite get it right.  There were a few scenes that sent my claustrophobic heart racing, but they were nothing original.  The Crawlers, which must number in the thousands because there seems to be a never ending supply, are just not as frightening this time round.   And although it is interesting to see the characters from the first film, some alive, mostly dead, the film mostly falls flat.

I say skip the sequel and re-watch the original.  It is a scary flick.

  On a little side note, I had to change my settings to moderate comments.  Not because anyone was saying anything mean to me, but because someone has been putting links to porn in my comment fields.  Although I love that fact that anyone reads my blog, even pornographers, I have to draw the line.  Thank you, unknown pornographer, for saying nice things about my posts before including your link, but this relationship is over!

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Erich Kuersten said...

Thanks for the taking the bullet on this D2. I worry it will taint my love for the original. As for the porn, good for you. Horror is scary enough.