Monday, May 17, 2010

Sorority Row: 5 bucks well spent

It's not often that I will buy a movie I have never seen before, but I am at the magical land that is my parent's house and I needed something to do while they watched "Law & Order" and "Castle." So I bought Sorority Row for 5 bucks at the video store of my youth. I watched it with my parent's cat Sam whom, much like my own cat, has a high tolerance for horror films. He did leave after Rumer Willis screamed for the 50th time, and I can hardly blame him. But, in all, I liked this movie. It kind of has a "Sex and the City" vibe to it, except the girls are in College and there is about 100% more killing and blood.

It is quickly established that these girls are Bitches (with a capital B) and most likely deserve to die.  Luckily, the film obliges and kills a couple of their dick boyfriends along the way.  Main Bitch, Jessica (played by the hysterical Leah Pipes) orchestrates a prank to get back at a guy who had cheated on one of her Sisters (in the Sorority sense.  That's why it is called Sorority Row.  I did not belong to a Sorority in College and hence I never accidentally killed one of my Sisters in a prank gone bad. I did not have the full College experience.)

Yes, so the prank goes bad and one of the Sisters dies. The other Sisters, which include Briana Evigan as Cassidy the good girl and Rumer Willis as Ellie the screamer, dump the body down an old Well and march forward to their futures of becoming Senator's wives and Oxycontin addicts.  Only someone knows their secret, and on the night of their graduation that someone is coming for revenge with a tricked out tire-iron.  Which I want bad.

This film has some wicked one-liners and some oral-fixation type death scenes that are quite inventive.  Leah Pipes, as main Bitch Jessica, steals the show and was the only one I wasn't rooting for to die.  Problems: the way the film is shot.  I mean, some of the camera angles are bizarre and the lighting is horrible. Rather than add to the sense of unease (of which there is none) it only distracts one from the story.  The other problem is when the killer is finally revealed, it makes no fucking sense at all.  It might as well have been some random dude off the street trying to kill everyone. 

This film isn't scary nor is it a particularly good thriller, but it was fun and it beats the hell out of 2 hours of "Law & Order."

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Cellar Door said...

I just hate Sex and the City, but I bet I would love it if it had lots of gore! And if a few of those chics died. Everyone except the main lady. Maybe I'll check this out.