Sunday, May 2, 2010

All About Evil

If you ever wondered what a horror film directed by a Drag Queen would be like....wonder no further!!  Joshua Grannell, aka Peaches Christ of SF Midnight Madness fame, brings you her directorial debut: All About Evil.  The Hubby and I were lucky enough to attend the world premiere last night at the beloved Castro Theater. 

First let me say how much fun this was.  This was our first world premiere and it was crazy!! Almost everyone in the audience worked on the film or was in the film (it was shot in San Francisco) and almost the entire cast, including Thomas Dekker, Natasha Lyonne, and Noah Segan (my new Horror Crush) showed up, performed , and answered questions during the "spooktacular" pre-show and post-show hosted by Peaches herself.  We were even treated to a song by Mink Stole!  Also, John Waters was in the audience but I couldn't see him.  It was enough to know I was in the same room.

The film itself is what you would expect: campy, gory, and totally over-the-top.  Natasha Lyonne stars as Deborah (pronounced "de-BORE-ah"), a mousy librarian who has inherited her Father's single screen movie house, The Victoria. The movie was filmed at the actual Victoria Theatre in SF, which we passed on our way home.  Peaches announced that All About Evil would be having a special "interactive" run there in October. 

Deborah's theatre exclusively plays horror, as it always has, catering to a small but loyal crowd including teenager Steven, played by John Conner himself, Thomas Dekker.  Deborah's evil Stepmother arrives and tries to force Deborah to sign over the lease to the theatre so she can sell it.  Deborah, in a fit of rage, murders her Stepmom, an act that is caught on camera.  When the footage of the murder is accidentally shown in the theatre, the audience believes they are seeing the work of a great new talent.

Deborah, assisted by her elderly Projectionist, decides to make more "movies" to bring in the crowds.  She enlists the help of some like minded individuals to help her run the theatre and make more movies.

Throw in a couple of Drag Queens, some over the top Herschell Gordon Lewis type gore and William Castle-like showmanship and you have a film that could be (and aims to be) the next Rocky Horror Picture Show. 

I have no idea how this film will play in middle America, but I can tell you the crowd at the Castro loved it!  It was so nice to be in a room full of people who clapped when a woman got her boob cut off and cheered at every obscure horror film reference thrown into this crazy film.  Natasha Lyonne is amazing, channelling everyone from Bette Davis to Katherine Hepburn.  Cassandra Peterson plays a "normal" role but the film still acknowledges her contribution to the genre.  In short, this is a film made by someone who loves the horror genre, who loves single screen movie houses, and who loves this amazing city.  I can't find fault with this film, but perhaps I am biased because I love all the same things that Peaches does. 

Peaches will be touring with this film all across America and if you get a chance to see her live show I highly suggest you do.  Even if you don't love the movie trust me: you are going to love The Twins.


iZombie said...

very... very interesting!

The Film Connoisseur said...

I had not heard about this movie, but it looks like tons of fun! Thanks for that review, cant wait to see it hit dvd, specially since you said its trying to be the next Rocky Horror, I love Rocky Horror Picture Show.